Bugthorpe and Sutton upon Derwent C of E Federation


 Moving the kids to Bugthorpe was the best decision.



 "What a wonderful report - it was a pleasure to read it and many congratulations to the whole team.

Particular congratulations to you personally as your leadership has been truly transformational at both schools"

Celia Wilson, School Development Adviser, Diocese of York.


"It would be a dream to send my daughter to Bugthorpe. It's the only school which I visited where I felt like she would thrive in this environment."

Prospective Parent


"Thank you so much for all of your hard work this past year. Managing the challenges Covid has brought, alongside ensuring the children, their education and wellbeing were as uninterrupted as possible can not have been an easy task. You are all an absolute credit to the school."



"Thank you for the Treat Day. We expected a bouncy castle but my goodness the children have never seen anything like it! Amazing memories made, they were on a high when they came home."



"Brilliant Bugthorpe!"

" A massive Thank you to ALL the staff at Bugthorpe for going above and beyond as always this year"

"The children have had a brilliant day today, full of fun which is just what we all need right now. A lot of other schools, I think, have seen this year as 'we can't because of covid', but Bugthorpe have rose to the challenge and made it an amazing year and a great day today. From school trips, to after school football, farm visits etc you have really enriched our son's life and kept things as normal as possible for the children. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Best move we ever made was to Bugthorpe."



"Thank you for arranging today for the children, they are so lucky and have had a fabulous day!!"



"Bugthorpe CE Primary School is lovely. It's a very rural small school but they have some fantastic facilities and a brilliant head who's been in post a couple of years and made wonderful changes. The classes are mixed years so nursery and reception are together. I've found this works well for my son as they have support where needed, but can also be stretched in other areas where they are confident. They have their own outdoor area for free flow play and access to a playground and large field at playtimes. There are several different areas around the grounds, a reflective garden, a quiet garden, a wooded area and a fenced off wildlife pond. They have an environmental tutor weekly and a peripatetic PE teacher as well as many visiting teachers. Currently they have a weekly lesson with a trainer from York City FC, last term the children had fencing and Taekwondo lessons"


"I have a daughter in Year 5 and a son in nursery. The school has changed significantly with the new head who is fabulous. It was good before but is brilliant now"



"Thank you to ALL staff for all your hard work and care at this time, you're all brilliant"



Following Gavin Williamsons suggestion to email OFSTED with any concerns that parents may have with their school, I am emailing to let you knowhow happy and pleased I am with the provisions that have been put in place by my son's school - Bugthorpe C of E Primary School.

"My son has just started school in September and has settled in really well. The whole staff team are warm, welcoming, and friendly - I would have no worries with approaching any single staff member about anything if I needed to.

The staff have been regularly posting on Tapestry prior to the lockdown, so I imagine this is usual practise for them, however when the recent lockdown was announced, they have acted quickly, with the upmost professionalism and managed to put steps into place to ensure our children still receive the education they require. They have arranged 2 daily lessons for reception and an additional 2 lessons per week for collective worship to continue to uphold the schools' values.

Further to this, a beautiful email was received by all parents from the headteacher Mr Bracken Holtby, reassuring parents that they understand that we are all facing uncertain times and have other commitments to work with (work commitments, other children), so not to stress or worry if our children are unable to attend every session that has been planned. He showed understanding that children do not only learn through formal education and this is refreshing to have a child attend a school so understanding. So far in this lockdown, my son has shown the following alongside formal school work:

  • Practising his maths and baking skills with addition and subtraction through weighing ingredients for baking
  • Learning to recognise words and short sentences on games on his switch
  • Discussing how ice is formed and melts when out on walks near frozen water
  • Identifying different types of birds he can see
  • Using his initiative to create crafts from old materials
  • Discussing gravity with me

He is only 4, and his brain is like a sponge. He is missing his friends terribly, but the zoom live lessons that the schol are putting on daily for the children allows him to see his friends, albeit not in the way we all wish they could be meeting.

Every single member of staff at Bugthorpe C of E Primary School need a huge pat on the back, they care for our children like they are their own and they do not get anywhere near the appreciation that they deserve."


"I would like to thank you, and all at Bugthorpe School so very much for the beautiful 'Lockdown Light' that was delivered to me just before Christmas. It is such a lovely thing, for the children to make and to give, so full of thoughtfulness, kindness and generosity of heart. That little light made me smile happily all through Christmas.

Then, on New Years Day, I took the light with me when I visited my parents in Leeds, with whom I am 'bubbled', they are both in their 90's, frail and unwell and have not left their house since last March. I showed them the schools' lockdown light gift that the children had made and lit it. My parents were utterly delighted and much uplifted and cheered by the work and kindness in the gift.

So from my parents and from me, many, many thanks to all the children and staff at Bugthorpe School.

You gave us a light to shine in the darkness - and it shone brilliantly!"

Village Resident


"2020 was a rubbish year for everyone, full of anxieties and frustrations both personal and professional. Throughout the pandemic Bugthorpe staff have maintained an unshakable professionalism and demonstrated their dedication to educating our children. Moreover they have shown kindness and compassion to both children and parents during incredibly stressful times"



"It hasn't gone unnoticed that staff have been accessing the online learning platforms and communicating with parents in their own time. We understand staff have had to learn new systems and teachers have had to adapt teaching plans and methods to work both face to face and online"



Bugthorpe staff have been unwavering in upholding the schools' core Christian values - courage, hope, love, respect, peace and generosity. The school truly has been a beacon shining brightly, for parents and pupils, through a dreadful storm"



"Thank you. We really do appreciate everything you do"



"Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your unwavering professionalism, dedication and care. Take care of yourselves and we hope to see you all soon"



"Has everyone seen the email from Mr Holtby? I think we are so lucky with our school. He's actually quoted Craig David, absolutely amazing"

"It was a great email, children may not remember what they've learnt, but they will remember how they felt"

"Made me smile too"

"Absolutely, I've seen so many friends having emails from their schools saying zoom is compulsory and they need to be on all the time etc, and they're so stressed, so we're very lucky."

Parent chat


"Thank you Bugthorpe school for all your support during the lockdowns so far! Really hoping this is the last one!!! The children have been well supported in educational needs and emotional needs too not just during the lockdown but on the return into school between the lockdown situation. Thank you teachers, staff and everyone involved, amazing job."



"Thank you for putting this email together, this came at the right time. I really appreciate your words and all the energy you and your team are putting into the home learning"

"It is incredibly hard juggling working from home and home-school learning and is very much an emotional rollercoaster when you want to do your very best for both. Like with the last lockdown, I want to give ? everything to ensure that he comes out of this time in the best place he can and i will di everything I can to help him complete as much as possible. ?, like others I am sure, is difficult to motivate and lacks confidence (although I do see that growing, especially in maths) and his combination makes the whole process challenging, but he is proud of the work he is completing and we will work together so he can do the best he can

Thank you for all the support and understanding, this really does make a big difference."



"I wanted to say Thank you for your email and having such a supportive and reasonable approach to our childrens' learning"

"At the moment, we're all facing challenges and I have the upmost respect for all staff at school for the hard work you are all putting in to ensure our children continue to receive their education in the current climate - Thank you all!"

I have friends across the country who have been warned by their schools that if their children do not attend all the live sessions as they would usual school, that the usual attendance policy would be effective. Friends who have been sent timetables for their reception aged children expecting them to be sat on zoom from 9am - 3pm with small breaks and a lunch break - completely unfeasible for 4/5 year olds. And on the flip, friends who have been given no guidance from their schools at all and have been left to figure it out for themselves.

So to receive such a wonderful email was refreshing, and I feel very lucky that ? has such a wonderful team of staff looking after him at school.

I'd love to share the email you sent on twitter/facebook to inspire other teachers and schools to take a similar approach - would you be happy for me to do this with all identifying information removed?"

"Your Craig David reference had me and my husband in hysterics - absolutely brilliant!"



"I just want to say that I think you are all doing a fantastic job.......Well done"



"Just want to say that I totally agree with all of that and can't imagine how hard you have been working over the last few weeks"

"I can't remember where I heard this but children may not remember what they have learnt in this time, but they will remember how they felt, Many Thanks for everything"


Bugthorpe Church of England Primary School

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Sutton upon Derwent Church of England Primary School

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