Sutton Upon Derwent

Church Of England Primary School

Main Street, Sutton upon Derwent, York, East Yorkshire, YO41 4BN

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Links with Nyabyeya Primary School, Uganda


We have been really fortunate to make links with Nyabyeya Primary School in Uganda, making friends across the world. Early contact was made by Professor Katie Slocombe, of York University, who has been visiting the village to study chimpanzees, for the past 20 years. We found out that the school didn’t have the resources we are so fortunate to have (and often take for granted) and that, through the Christian Value of Service, we could help support them. The children discussed ways we can raise money in the month of May, for the school, after hearing that there are over 120 pupils in each classroom, with one teacher, and no technology.


Our first task was to make a video of ‘life at Bugthorpe and Sutton upon Derwent’. The children really enjoyed generating questions to send over with Professor Katie, to ask the children in Nyabyeya, including: Do you learn gardening? Do you walk a long way to get to school? If you do something wrong, what are the consequences? What is your favourite thing to do at home? What struggles do you experience?


Both of our schools held a Bring and Buy Sale, raising £330. Professor Katie, flew out in June 2022 and used the money to buy resources locally in Kampala. With our funds, she managed to provide the school with 576 exercise books, 288 pencils, 200 pens, 144 colouring pencils, 24 pencil sharpeners, a printer for the teachers to print assessments for the children, ink cartridges and 2000 sheets of paper for printing. We also secured 8 footballs (1 for each class and a high quality tournament ball), ball pumps and cones for goals! It is safe to say that these were really appreciated and will be well used.


Mr Bracken Holtby is very proud of the difference our school communities have made to the lives of others and looks forward to continuing this relationship over the coming years. Bugthorpe and Sutton upon Derwent are eagerly awaiting the return video of ‘a day in the life of a Nyabyeya child’ and the return questions for us to answer.