Class 2

Welcome to Class 2


Teachers - Mrs K Brewer and Mrs S Stephenson

Teaching Assistant - Mrs E Spence

HLTA - Mrs F Cox


Children are given a set of 10 spellings to learn each week. These words are linked to phonics sounds and spelling patterns; they also include Common Exception and High Frequency words as well as specific vocabulary linked to our topic. Weekly spelling tests take place on a Monday morning and new spellings given the same day.



Reading is a vital skill in establishing a good foundation on which to develop learning across all areas of the curriculum. Reading at home is invaluable in promoting progress. In Y1 and Y2 it is essential that children read daily to an adult to develop fluency and clarify understanding. It is important that children are also read to by an adult on a regular basis to ignite imagination, foster a love of reading and a passion for a range of books.



Basic number skills are key to developing the ability to manipulate number. In Class 2 we focus on learning our number bonds for rapid recall as well as counting in 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 10s as a pre-curser to learning our times tables.


Our Learning

In Class 2 much of our learning is through practical hands on activities which cover all curriculum areas and are linked to our topic. Maths and English lessons take place in the morning and we consolidate and embed these skills through a variety of topic-based activities in the afternoon sessions.


Mr Rose, our sports coach, teaches us a variety of games skills each Friday.

Mrs Atkin, our Environmental Tutor, ensures we all take part in a variety of outdoor learning activities during the week.


We enjoyed working with some of the older children, they were our experts today.

We made pop up cards for Christmas. We thought they were going to be so hard to make but we soon got the idea. We hope our family like them.