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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2


Teachers - Mrs K Garcia (Monday - Friday morning, Monday and Friday afternoon

                   Mrs S Stephenson (Wednesday pm)

HLTA - Mrs F Cox (Tuesday pm and Thursday pm)

Teaching Assistant - Mrs L Melling (Mon - Fri am)



Phonics is a method for teaching reading and writing of the English language by developing learners' phonemic awareness—the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate phonemes—in order to teach the correspondence between these sounds and the spelling patterns that represent them. The goal of phonics is to enable beginning readers to decode new written words by sounding them out, or, in phonics terms, blending the sound-spelling patterns. Phonics is taught daily where we revisit previous sounds/words, teach a new grapheme (how the sound is written), practise it and then apply it - for example in a sentence.


Spring Term sees a focus on Phonics Screening for Year 1. This entails children being able to decode real and alien words - sounding out and then blending. In the Spring term, a Phonics book will go home with the children with weekly words to practise and these will be tested on a Tuesday morning.


Reading is a vital skill in establishing a good foundation on which to develop learning across all areas of the curriculum. Reading at home is a vital to encourage progress and develop positive reading habits. In Y1 and Y2 it is essential that children read to an adult on a daily basis to develop fluency, expand their reading vocabulary and develop communication and comprehension skills. It is important that children also read to an adult on a regular basis to ignite imagination, foster a love of reading and a passion for a range of books. Books will be changed on a Monday and Friday and please indicate reading progress in the yellow reading record. Remember to discuss the book with your child and you can use questions such as: Can you tell me about the story? Why is that character feeling that way? Why do you think this happened? Most children have the opportunity to read to a STAR (a voluntary adult helper who work with individual children on a weekly basis).



Children are given a Spelling Practice book with a set of spellings to learn each week. New words will be given on a Friday and words will be tested in a weekly test the following Friday. These words are linked to phonics sounds and spelling patterns; they also include Common Exception and High Frequency words as well as specific vocabulary linked to our topic. 



In Class 2 we follow the White Rose Maths programme of study which provides children with the opportunity to engage in a range of tasks to embed their understanding of mathematical concepts. Children have the opportunity to practice, refine and develop fluency using concrete objects and pictorial representations before utilising their skills in problem solving and reasoning activities and questions to develop a 'mastery' level of understanding. In Class 2, the maths curriculum is broad and covers number, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Children are encouraged to learn number bonds for rapid recall and count fluently in 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 10s as a pre-cursor to learning our times tables. The children have an individual login to access Times Table Rockstars and we would encourage them to try out the times table questions.  Maths is taught every day through a combination of verbal recall, practical and written lessons.


Learning for life

In Class 2 much of our learning is facilitated through practical activities which cover all curriculum areas and are linked to our topic. Maths and English lessons take place daily, usually in the morning, and we consolidate and embed these skills through a variety of topic-based activities in the afternoon sessions such as History, Geography, Science, Art and Design and Technology.


Mr Rose, our sports coach, teaches a variety of PE skills on a Monday morning and Mrs Garcia teaches PE on a Friday afternoon. In the Autumn Term, children will also access two Taekwondo workshops on a Wednesday afternoon.


We are very fortunate at Sutton Upon Derwent to have wonderful outdoor grounds and facilities to enhance and extend learning opportunities outside the classroom. Mrs Garcia leads regular outdoor literacy, maths and topic and Forest school sessions for the children throughout the term, whatever the weather! Mrs Husband also leads Environmental sessions on a Wednesday morning and, this term, is linked to our Science topic: Food chains and animal habitats.


Learning at Home

The children have access a range of Apps and websites to support their learning and we encourage children to access these at home, as well as in school. The passwords for these apps and websites can be found in the front cover of the yellow reading record and children have free access to: Teach your Monster to Read, Times Table Rockstars, Purple Mash, Phonics Play, Spelling Play and Seesaw. The vast majority of communication will be done through Seesaw and please upload any work or achievements your child completes at home as this helps us to build a complete understanding of yours child's talents, abilities and interests. It is wonderful to see their progress over the course of the year.   

September 2021: Grandparent's day
September 2021: Grandparent's day

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