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     Class 1                                   

Sutton Upon Derwent Nursery and Reception


Learning in Class 1 is based on children’s interests and needs and is a thriving place to learn, discover and grow. Children have the opportunity to engage in a range of stimulating and ‘hands-on’ tactile experiences which aim to engage and motivate children and encourage an enthusiasm for learning.

Every day children will take part in fun phonic and maths activities. We follow Jolly phonics and White Rose maths.

Class Newsletters

The Early Years Foundation Stage

The children’s learning in Class 1 is based on objectives from the EYFS Development Matters. Nurseries, pre-schools, reception classes and childminders registered to deliver the EYFS must follow a legal document called the Early Years Foundation Stage.  Please see the Documents below.


At the end of Reception children are assessed against the 17 ELG’s before their transition to Year 1. 

A downloadable copy of Development Matters is available here for more specific detail.


An Overview of The Early Years Foundation Stage.

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Prime)This strand of the Foundation Stage curriculum provides children with experiences and support to help them develop a positive sense of themselves and others and a positive disposition to learn. They are encouraged to develop warm and caring relationships with others, develop independence and self-confidence and are given time and space to develop their own interests. Children are given the freedom and appropriate support to learn how to express and manage their own feelings. Through play children learn to cooperate with others, to share and take turn and form friendships.  
  • Communication and Language (Prime)

We aim to support and extend children’s learning competence and confidence in speaking and listening. Children are encouraged to communicate and build relationships with both adults and their peers through play situations such as role-play and by simply playing alongside one another. We share news from home through small group discussions and weekly circle times. We encourage children to listen attentively in a range of situations, including daily story and rhyme time.

  • Physical Development (Prime)

We provide opportunities for children to be active and improve their skill and co-ordination, control, manipulation and movement. These activities take place inside and outside. Fine motor control develops through mall scale manipulative play including dough, threading and using a range of hand held tools. We also practice lot of patterns as a pre-writing mark-making opportunity. Gross motor development is encouraged through the use of the outdoor play equipment and weekly sessions in the small hall where we move to music or play parachute games. Through praise, encouragement and games, we motivate children to be positive about being active and build their confidence to take manageable risks in their play.

  • Literacy (specific)

Class 1 is a language rich environment, both written and spoken. Children will have daily opportunities to share and enjoy books, rhymes, poetry and stories. In the Pre-School, simple games are played based on Phase 1 of ‘Letters and Sounds’ to encourage children to tune into sounds and listen carefully. Children also take part in many ‘pre-writing’ fine motor activities to develop coordination and experiment with mark making. Reception children begin to learn to read and write using ‘Letters and Sounds’ and by the end of Reception are encouraged to read and write simple sentences independently.

  • Mathematics (specific)

Children have daily opportunities to develop an interest in mathematics, to begin to understand numbers and their properties and to develop accurate counting skills. This understanding is developed through number games, rhymes and songs where children will learn to recognise, order and solve simple problems such as single digit addition and subtraction. Practical activities are also used to compare quantities, weigh, measure and begin to explore time.

  • Understanding the World

This aspect of learning provides opportunities for children to make sense of the world and we are very fortunate at Sutton Upon Derwent Primary School to have access to a fantastic outdoor learning space. Children take part in weekly outdoor learning sessions with our environmental tutor Mrs Atkin and Mrs Garcia regularly leads Forest School sessions to develop communication, literacy and mathematics skills as well as enhancing children's understanding of the world. We encourage children’s curiosity and use open-ended questioning such as ‘I wonder why …’ and ‘What could happen if …’ The children also extend their understanding of the technological world around them by using computers, Ipads, cameras and the interactive whiteboard.

  • Expressive Arts and Design (Specific)

Creativity flourishes as children are able to follow their own ideas and children are encouraged to explore music, dance and movement, transform things using media and materials. We have a role play area which is directly linked to our topics, such as, a doctors surgery or cake shop where children share their ideas in imaginative play. The children have free access to our technology area where they can cut, stick, draw and make with a range of materials and tools. We encourage children to think about what they want to make, create with purpose in mind and to be adventurous!



TAPESTRY - online learning journal

                                Key moments in your child's learning journey are recorded using our on-line observation tool Tapestry.   

                                                 A link to the Tapestry website can be found here:

Parents are welcome to add observations and upload photographs of key moments of success development.

We particularly welcome activities which are not seen in school such as swimming achievements, sporting achievements, family outings and holidays.

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